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Looking for a great franchise opportunity?

Based on the success of it's current service areas and branding strategy, Bentley's is looking to expand further into the home services industry across Australia. If you are interested in joining the Bentley home service team, we have several options available outlined below:

1. Buy a currently established franchise and take over that clientelle.

2. Buy the rights to a new region in an existing service category, and develop it up for yourself with Bentley's team support.

3. Present your case for developing a new service category, and depending on its viability, become the National Master Franchisee for that service category.

4. Bring your existing business into line with Bentley home trade and increase your marketing capacity.

Individuals or teams of people who are interested in Bentley home services are encouraged to explore the benefits of working in franchised organisations and should also be aware of the potential risks if they are unable to establish enough clientelle to sustain a lifestyle they choose.
While Bentley is there to provide you support with advertising, assist with business plans, pricing and provide supplies,the amount of success you get will largely depend on your efforts (as is the case with most franchises).

Most people enter into franchises for a combination of the following reasons:

1. Flexibility of work hours. Either to get out of 9 to 5 job or to persue other life goals (study, family, holidays, travel etc.)
2. Additional or primary income stream. Some people buy into multiple franchises for reasons such as seasonal income, risk reduction, cross-clientelle compatibility. Others move into franchises for a second job and maintain their first job until they build client base.
3. Good solid skills in particular areas and access to support network for weaker skilled areas. Eg. Good tradesman with low marketing skills.
4. To become their own boss. They may be sick of their current employment situation or just after a career change.
5. To be able to employ others. This leads to a passive income.
6. To sell the franchise at a profit. This is also thecase with a standalone business but a franchise can often accelerate in growth more rapidly because the brand recognition and marketing support is being looked after by a dedicated person/team set up by the franchisor.

An insight into the Directors experience.
To give my own experience, I was in the public service writing computer software for reasonable money. I chose to leave and buy an established business, 'Bentley Carpet Care and Pest Management'. After the first 12 months in the business, I had maintained the sales income as the figures from the previous owner, which gave me about 20% more income than in my public service position. On top of this, my families tax was reduced as I could offset some of the income into my wifes name through our family trust. I worked more physically than my public service position, and the amount of stress was reduced significantly. I now have time to pick kids up from school, get to meet over 500 new people per year and revisit many of them as repeat customers. Working for myself allows me to take time off when I wish or work on weekends if preferred. This enables me the extra opportunity to be able to buy luxury items or to have some fun at other times of the year when the whole family are on holidays.
Since then I have been able to provide work to other people as the business has grown and I can now assist other franchisees in developing and building their own franchises. The other good thing about franchises we have also discovered through experience is that it gets people cross-skilled so that single operator franchisees can take a holiday in a quiet period and another franchisee can service their region, and the 2 franchisees can either reciprocate work by negotiating payment or time exchange.

Some things to consider when buying into any franchise:
1. Cost of equipment
2. Cost of Goodwill
3. Size of Territory (population, demographic, travelling distances)
4. Current & future growth of territory
5. Current & future levels of opposition
6. Cost of fees for advertising, royalties, products

Obviously your own personal situation regarding qualifications, financial situation, and health are also factors to be considered and there are many more topics that should be considered before purchasing a franchises. We recommend that you research a range of options before deciding if a Bentley franchise is for you. But if you believe that you would be committed to servicing clients at a high level then we will be happy to discuss a Bentley franchise option that suits your needs.

Yours Sincerely,
Greg Pinington

Bentley Carpet Care & Pest Management.

For further interest or information regarding franchise opportunities phone Greg on 0408 717 670.

Please Note: Bentley's has a reputation for high levels of service to clients and in order to maintain this high standard, it reserves the right to refuse applications for franchises and to revoke franchise licenses if franchisees are found not to be performing in accordance with Bentley's customer service guidelines or within state or federal laws.


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